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Rock Walls

We Make Rock Walls a Breeze


Ken Van Wyk Land Improvements is also a retaining wall contractor who specializes in designing and building retaining walls using stone, boulders, rock and concrete. Retaining walls are used to create level areas within sloped landscapes to retain soil and create usable space for garden and landscape designs. We use quality materials and staff expert retaining wall engineers and retaining wall construction experts to form long lasting retaining walls in your outdoor landscapes.

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Retaining walls are used to stabilize soil and help prevent erosion. Retaining Walls create
terraces and strengthen your landscape during bad weather and rainy seasons. Retaining walls are installed with drainage systems to prevent soil over-saturation and divert water from
pooling in any one area of your landscape.


Ken Van Wyk Land Improvements are built rock walls that stand the test of time. we work
with clients to determine the best style of wall and most suitable materials. With a specialized
fleet and experience creating rock walls on steep slopes, and near-impossible terrain, Ken Van Wyk Land Improvements is the excavation company to call for rock wall projects big and small.

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