From clearing trees and excavating a foundation in a wooded lot to complex commercial building excavation, we have the experience, tooling, and equipment to get the job done in a safe and effective manner.  
We provide shoring and bracing of the soil and support of adjacent utilities throughout Northern New Jersey, with our core service area being in Bergen County  
Putting back - or "backfilling" - is more complicated than just throwing it back in the hole.  Many completed construction projects cause problems later due to "settling" of soil and collapse and failure of structural aspects built on the soil later.

We have invested heavily in the best compaction equipment available.  You can trust Ken Van Wyk Excavating to excavate your foundation correctly the first time: on budget, on time, and at competitive prices

Excavation and Demolition
We have a large and diverse lineup of equipment and expert staff to transform your project site. Before we begin,

our team evaluates all aspects of your project, from the work that will be performed to the equipment needed,

then we share this with all of those involved so any issues are addressed ahead of time. We understand how

critical the staging and coordination with other subcontractors is to the success of your project.


Our expertise extends to our demolition solutions as well. We have multiple approved locations to accept materials

that need removal. Many of these materials can be recycled and offer a cost-effective solution for removal while

leaving your finished site clean and ready for development.

Underground Utilities
The installation of underground utilities typically includes the water main, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer. Proper installation of underground utilities is critical to a construction project because they must be structurally sound and work without fail for decades. Installing underground utilities requires state-of-the-art equipment, software and training; especially if you’re working in a less than ideal environment. When general contractors or property owners need underground utility installation, they turn to Ken Van Wyk Excavating to get their project done on time and on budget.

Ken Van Wyk Excavating typically provides underground utility installation in conjunction with our other infrastructure solutions including excavation. By hiring Ken Van Wyk Excavating to do excavation, and underground utilities, you can reduce costs and reduce time delays between phases of construction.

We install seepage pits  at commercial and residential locations in NJ .  Our service area consists of Bergen County and Passaic County in NJ.  As a full service seepage pit  contractor, we can handle any size job, big or small. 

A seepage pit is an underground structure that gets rid of excess water such as stormwater runoff by dissipating the water into the ground around the seepage pit.

seepage pit  are passive structures.  Water flows through it under the influence of gravity.  A seepage pit  receives water from one or more entry pipes at the top of the structure.  A seepage pit can accept a large rush of initial water, making it perfect for storm runoff.

seepage pit consist of a pit filled with gravel, rip rap, or other stones and rocks.  seepage pit  are usually buried under the ground so they don't take up any landscape area.  

A French drain can resemble a seepage pit that is not covered. A covered seepage pit  that disposes of sewage is called a cesspool, while an open pit that receives storm water and dissipates it into the ground is called a recharge basin or infiltration basin.

Land Clearing Contractor In New Jersey

Cutting, filling, balancing, hauling, excavating and grading. From stake to subgrade, we know how to move dirt. We employ a full line of state-of-the-art land excavation equipment including excavators, dozers, loaders, skidsteers and compaction equipment, with experienced field personnel and operators to run it. We have full construction excavation services capabilities and can offer turnkey packages for all types of site construction.

We clear land for: new home developments, urban redevelopment projects, commercial buildings, streets, schools, golf courses, and as part of our disaster clean-up services after fires, hurricanes, etc. We perform land clearing projects from as small as one tree to as large as hundreds of acres.

Ken Van Wyk Excavating is a full service land clearing contractor based in woodcliff lake, NJ.  We offer a full line of innovative methods and cost effective solutions for clearing all types of land and soil.  We service both residential and commercial properties throughout Bergen and Passaic County in NJ

The Full Services of Land Clearing Contractor

  • No matter the pavement application, drainage is always of particular concern. In the flat terrain that is prevalent in New Jersey and New York, standing puddles of water often arise in pavements.  Our estimators will provide advice to you or will work with your design professional to address this area of concern before quotation.  There are different solutions available depending on the circumstances such as increased slope, yard drainage, catch basins, swale grading to name a few. During installation or repair of your pavement, our crews are trained to give special attention to drainage issues

  • When structural damage to your foundation is not properly fixed, your foundation problems worsen, and in the event that your foundation continues to shift, repair costs escalate while your property value decreases. That's where we come in, planning and completing your new foundation construction. Our skilled technicians take all the appropriate actions to create a stable foundation with proper drainage.Building an addition or a new home? We can excavate your footers and crawl space, install perimeter drain, backfill, compact, and slope excavated areas, saving you the need to hire multiple contractors for this portion of the project. If desired, we can install your underground utilities during the same visits

  • We like to consider ourselves a one stop shop when it comes to septic system service. Let us help with all of your septic installation and septic systems. We arrange everything from the engineering, to obtaining all the necessary permits, to completing the project. We strive to provide customers with a better understanding of how their septic tanks work and how to better care for them. If you are in need of septic repair, installation, or maintenance, contact Ken Van wyk Excavating today for reliable services.


  • We have been servicing septic tanks and our customers over 25 years. Our installation services include topsoiling and professionally landscaping the property after the septic is installed. We appreciate our clients and we want their experience with us to be worry free!


  • Contact Ken Van Wyk Excavating in woodcliff lake , NJ today for more information about our septic tank repair and other services

  • We install french drains in NJ .  A french drain is a trench filled and covered with rocks or gravel that redirects ground and surface water from your property.  

  • French drains are one of our most popular drainage solutions, as they are primarily used to prevent surface and ground water from damaging or penetrating building and house foundations.  

  • The French drain system may also be used to distribute water, such as as septic drain field at the outlet of the typical septic tank sewage treatment system.  

  • French drains are commonly installed behind or in retaining walls to relieve ground water pressure.

  • When installed correctly and applied to correct situations they can handle vast quantities of water for many years.

  • French drains are a time proven system for eliminating excess water. The earliest forms of French Drains were simple ditches, pitched from a high area to a lower one and filled with gravel. These were described and popularized by Henry French in his book Farm Drainage.

  • Today, specialized drain tiles are designed with perforations or holes to admit water. To prevent clogging gravel is placed around the perimeter of the drain tile to give water a path to the drain tile as well as filter soil particles.

  • With the development of geo-textile fabrics, gravel can now be surrounded with this fabric greatly enhancing its ability to filter soil. A French drain can be covered over with sod after installation, making them less conspicuous.

  • Over time the term French drain has developed numerous definitions and has been applied to many different products. It has gotten to the point that any piping that is buried in the ground is now called a French drain.

  • Call us today for a free estimate on a French drain installation

Ken Van Wyk Excavating is  also a retaining wall contractor who specializes in designing and building retaining walls using stone, boulders, rock and concrete. Retaining walls are used to create level areas within sloped landscapes to retain soil and create usable space for garden and landscape designs. We use quality materials and staff expert retaining wall engineers and retaining wall construction experts to form long lasting retaining walls in your outdoor landscapes.

Retaining walls are used to stabilize soil and help prevent erosion. Retaining Walls create terraces and strengthen your landscape during bad weather and rainy seasons. Retaining walls are installed with drainage systems to prevent soil over saturation and divert water from pooling in any one area of your landscape.

Ken Van Wyk Excavation are builds rock walls that stand the test of time. we works with clients to determine the best style of wall and most suitable materials. With a specialised fleet and experience creating rock walls on steep slopes, and near impossible terrain, Ken Van Wyk Excavation the excavation company to call for rock wall projects big and small.


                                                    Fill Dirt Delivery In NJ,
We deliver clean fill dirt by the cubic yard in NJ .  We have been supplying clean fill dirt in the Northern NJ area for over 30 years.  

We service Bergen County NJ. Contact us  to get a quick quote on fill dirt delivery.  

Call us at 201) 474-5711

Out of core service area?  Give us a call.  Based on the quantity, we deliver fill dirt to all of New Jersey.

Whether you need dirt delivery at wholesale prices, or dirt removal at low costs...we have you covered.

You can trust us to deliver 10 yards of fill dirt to a residential home or 500 yards per day of clean fill dirt to fill in large holes, fill embankments, or raise the ground level.

The Best Fill Dirt Supplier In NJ
We supply the following types of dirt by the cubic yard

Unscreened Dirt (may contain rocks, etc)
Certified Clean Fill Dirt
Septic Fill Dirt
Screened Fill Dirt
Pond Fill Dirt
Fill Dirt Delivery NJ, 
Dirt Removal Service
We offer a low cost dirt removal service in all of Northern New Jersey. We remove dirt from job sites, homes, and commercial properties in Bergen County  NJ as well as.  

Removal of dirt can sometimes be a huge task.  With over 30 years of experience, we have the knowledge and industry contacts to dispose of your unwanted dirt quickly and at the best prices in the area.

What Is Fill Dirt?
Fill Dirt is used to fill a hole or depression, or to build-up an area. Fill dirt can provide a lasting solution to level an area whereas filling an area with organic matter (leaves, logs, etc.) will not.

As organic matter decomposes the area will collapse and the depression will return. Fill dirt is usually subsoil and contains little organic matter or plant sustaining nutrients although during the clearing of land it may become mixed with stumps, limbs, rocks, concrete or other elements. Fill dirt is usually obtained from excavation done on construction sites.

Fill dirt should be used as cheap and inexpensive way to level an area prior to paving or to serve as a substrate which can be topped with topsoil. Areas using fill dirt should be thoroughly soaked with water to pack the dirt so that a true evaluation may be made as to the true level of the fill.

Clean Fill Dirt Prices
Dirt, fill dirt, screened dirt, and unscreened fill dirt are for sale at wholesale prices.  Call us at (201) 474-5711


Fill Dirt Delivery In Northern New Jersey

Yards and lawns are much more than patches of grass and fence. They’re private oases of beauty, tranquility, and life.

Landscape designers work closely with you to create a design for your space that enhances your lifestyle and adds value to your home.

Hardscaping is the placement of non-plant elements consisting of structures, such as patios, walkways, retaining walls, steps, fire pits, and outdoor kitchens. Made with hard materials, hardscapes can be built out of natural stone, pavers, concrete, brick, & stone.

Each project can be a unique hardscape, with features that will enhance your property’s value. There are endless styles, colors, textures, banding, patterns etc that make it unquie.

Ken Van Wyk excavating provides excavating, bobcat and trucking service to many of custom homebuilding and community development companies, dealing with every aspect of site preparation. That includes: the shifting, shaping and leveling of land; land clearing, demolition and removal; driveway and road preparation; excavating for utilities, septic and basements; supply and installation of material; and construction of retaining walls.








Brush Cutting
Site Prep.
Driveway Prep.
Road Prep.

Sewer Connect
Rock Wall Construction
Retaining Wall Construction
Parking & Landscape Area Preparation
Clearing & Grubbing
Rock Excavations

Grading & Sloping
Structural Fills
Non-Structural Fills

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