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We Make Your Sitework a Breeze


Sitework simply put, is part of a construction project that is not part of a building or house’s physical structure. This usually includes grading, excavation, construction and installation of septic tanks and filtration systems, driveways and other utilities. Other costly items that are also included in the definition of sitework and are suggested to customers by most contractors are the following:

  • Preparation of the structure’s foundation through excavation or land clearing

  • Rough or initial grading

  • Final grading

  • Landscaping

  • Construction and paving of driveways

  • Addition of walkways

  • Preparation and approval of permits and fees

  • Septic and sewer systems

  • Well or water

The costs incurred for sitework projects can reach up to 10% or more of the total projected construction costs. All of these, of course, depend on several factors. The price tag can vary from one county to another, depending on the surrounding area and type of property to work on. Some areas may require owners to allot more money for sitework jobs because most properties are heavily wooded and needs a construction of a more complex septic system because of sloped lots.

Preparing your total quote

As a smart homeowner, costs incurred in sitework should already be included in your prepared construction quote. Doing so helps you avoid the hassle of financing the construction costs out of your own pocket. When receiving bids, make sure that sitework sites are included and is specifically listed under your property or piece of land. The location is also a vital information required in construction quotes since each county implements a different set of rules, regulations and fees in construction.

Many builders and contractors choose to setup sitework and excavation as part of the allowances only since there could be unforeseen challenges. The amount that they are plannir to set aside for allowances should be one of the factors that you should consider when comparing bids. Before making a final decision on whom to choose, make sure that the contractor has already seen your piece of land and already familiar on its property and surroundings. If you prefer a builder who proposes a somewhat lesser amount for allowances you may want to think again and consider asking for a higher allowance so that emergency costs are likely to be covered.


Get Everything in Writing

Before starting any sitework and construction projects, you should first confirm a valid bid and see if it is detailed enough to at least give you an idea of what will happen to your new home for ever
construction phase.

Looking for someone to do the job for you shouldn't be a problem since there are many credible contractors who can perform sitework projects for a cheaper price. It is also a good thing that
modern technologies and equipment are already available for use thus, making it easier to estimate, measure and do the job that is needed to be done.

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