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Seepage Pits

We Make Seepage Pits a Breeze


We install seepage pits at commercial and residential locations in NJ. Our service area consists of Bergen County and Passaic County in NJ. As a full service seepage pit contractor, we can handle any size job, big or small.

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A seepage pit is an underground structure that gets rid of excess water such as stormwater runoff by dissipating the water into the ground around the seepage pit.


Seepage pits are passive structures. Water flows through it under the influence of gravity. A seepage pit receives water from one or more entry pipes at the top of the structure. A seepage pit can accept a large rush of initial water, making it perfect for storm runoff.

Seepage pit consists of a pit filled with gravel, rip rap, or other stones and rocks. seepage pits are usually buried under the ground so they don't take up any landscape area.

A French drain can resemble a seepage pit that is not covered. A covered seepage pit that disposes of sewage is called a cesspool, while an open pit that receives stormwater and dissipates it into the ground is called a recharge basin or infiltration basin.

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